Jeffrey Greenfield, MD, PhD

Image result for Jeffrey Greenfield, MD, PhDWelcome to the Second International Gliomatosis Cerebri Conference – a remarkable gathering of scientists and families, all dedicated to the same goal. I am honored to be here, and honored to welcome you all.

Since our first meeting in Paris two years ago, we have made much progress on the goals we set. Researchers around the world are sharing tissue samples and knowledge in ways unimaginable in other disciplines. Families have maintained their dedication to supporting the science, even as they continue to mourn their own children – and the children lost since our last meeting. I thank each one of you for your dedication, tenacity, and unwavering belief that together we will continue to get closer to the answers we seek.  Over the next two days we’ll be hearing from colleagues, scientists, clinicians and families from around the world and we’ll be sharing our significant results with each other, suggesting ways to collaborate, advancing the science and translating the research into meaningful actions against the tumors we are studying.

In spite of our progress, many obstacles and mysteries remain. We have new clues as to the molecular genetics of GC tumors, we can grow them and study them in cultures, and we even have the ability to create avatars – animal models of an individual patient’s tumor to screen drugs that have a chance to fight it.  But we can’t yet do this with every tumor, and we often don’t have the regulatory approvals to try them in patients even when we have identified a potential compound to use. We have a fast track, but we don’t have a “now” track for children and adults for whom fast is simply not fast enough.

On behalf of all the organizers I thank you for coming, especially the families and friends who provide support for this conference and whose energy seems to be unstoppable.  Thanks especially to Elizabeth’s Hope, the Joshua Bamboo Project, the Rudy Menon Foundation, the AYJ Fund, Iza’s La Princesa Guisante, Franck unrayon du soleil, Sean Strong, Fe y Misericordia, Mathy’s un rayon du soleil, the Children’s Brain Tumor Family Foundation, and Team Little Owl. We would not be here without you.


Jeffrey Greenfield, MD, PhD
Pediatric Neuro-Surgery
Weill Cornell Spine and Brain Center

Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery, Pediatric Neurosurgery
Co-Chair 2nd International Conference on Gliomatosis Cerebri



The GC Registry aggregates data and tissue samples from patients around the world. Intensive study of these samples and data will help unlock the mysteries of this terrible tumor.



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