The 3rd Gliomatosis Cerebri Conference Working Group

3rd Gliomatosis Cerebri Conference

The 3rd GC Conference was held at Abba Garden Hotel, Barcelona, Paris last September 22 – 23, 2019. As a global conference, the event was a collaborative effort of several medical institutions, researchers, and GC Family Foundations. All working together to keep the momentum in the search for GC cure. 


Meet the Chairpersons

Chairpersons of the 3rd Gliomatosis Cerebri Conference

Dr. Andrés Morales, a prime mover of the GC Conference and Chief of the Pediatric Cancer Center of San Juan De Dew Barcelona Hospital acted as the chairman of the conference. Helping him as Co-chairs are Dr. Katherine Warren and Dr. Kristoff Kramm. Dr. Warren is the Clinical Director of the Pediatric Neuro-Oncology of Dana-Farber of Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, United States. And Dr. Kramm is the Chief of Division and Full Professor, Pediatric Hematology and Oncology of the University Medical Center of Goengttingen, Alemania, Germany.

Meet the GC Global Community/Family Foundations

Family Foundation Representatives of GC Patients

The organizing committees for this conference are members of the GC-Global Community, the prime mover of the GC Conference. Hosting foundations are the Association Izas, la Princesa Guisante, and Franck Un Rayon de Soleil. Main sponsors along with the two foundations earlier mentioned were the AYJ Fund Foundation, Elizabeth’s Hope Foundation, Rudy Menon Foundation. 

Still, part of the organizing committees who collaborated and help sponsor the event are, The Joshua Bembo Project Hope Inc, Fe y Misericordia Foundation, Mathys un Rayon de Soleil, and the Anne Rayon de Soleil. These foundations are also members of the GC Global Community.

One remarkable thing about the 3rd GC is the heart of Maria Muela, a volunteer, and a collaborator of the Izas who created memorabilia’s dedicating it for each of the GC Global Community members. The artwork successfully captured the characteristics of the warrior angels of the GC family foundations.  

Helping on the information drive for the conference is the Diaro del Alto Aragon newspaper who published an article entitled “Experts in Childhood Brain Tumors are Cited in Barcelona,”. The publication said “… this unique meeting, which is funded by families whose children have already passed away due to this rare type of cancer, will bring together pediatric neuro-oncologists from leading centers worldwide and recognized professionals in basic, pharmacological and immunological research in brain cancer in children and adolescents, and in particular, in high-grade invasive gliomas.”

Conference Sessions

3rd Gliomatosis Cerebri Conference Sessions

During the event, scientific sessions were held for the researchers and medical experts to share and discuss GC Research progress and advancements and best clinical practices. The family foundations also have a separate session where they discuss specific finished projects and on-going ones. They also discussed how they can better organize so they could reach out to more families around the globe.

Joint sessions were also held between the GC-global members and the Medical Professionals where discussions on a two-year work plan, next GC Conference and Funding opportunities for GC Foundations took place.

After the event, when everyone went back to their respective countries, the GC Global Community Members held a call conference to further discuss how they will put to action all discussion they agree on during the events. This call conference is one way the family foundations were able to continue with these conferences. 

The medical research team is now coming up with a summary of the GC medical research discussion done during the event and which we will soon share for everyone to know of.

To know more about the GC Conferences please contact us or visit us at the GC Global Community Facebook Page or email as us at




The GC Registry aggregates data and tissue samples from patients around the world. Intensive study of these samples and data will help unlock the mysteries of this terrible tumor.


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