Izas’ La Princesa Guisante

The origin of this association is Izas, our daughter, who after an erroneous diagnosis and multiple obstacles of the health administration to go to a national reference hospital, once overcome, was diagnosed with a fatal disease, a brain cancer called Gliomatosis Cerebri.

As the origin of the association, it is then proper for us to name the association after her, Izas’ La Princesa Guisante. 

We are with the mission to;

  1. Encourage and promote the research of Gliomatosis Cerebri pediátria
  2. Dissemination in the medical and hospital field of pediatric gliomatosis Cerebri; diagnosis,  treatments, and medical needs.
  3. Social diffusion of this disease and its terrible consequences
  4. Create a network of affected families, where information about symptoms, clinical trials,  palliative care … is fluid and updated, with an exchange between parents, as well as a  meeting point that gives us emotional support.
  5. Information about tissue banks, the importance of them and their usefulness

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The GC Registry aggregates data and tissue samples from patients around the world. Intensive study of these samples and data will help unlock the mysteries of this terrible tumor.


Join the advocacy and become part of the community that was established to support groundbreaking research in finding a cure for Gliomatosis Cerebri. Partners are either family touched by Gliomatosis Cerebri or foundations supporting the same cause. Click below to learn how to join the community.


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