Izas’ Foundation: A Mother’s Courage Against a Strange and Invasive Childhood Cancer


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Congratulations to the Izas’ Foundation, the host foundation for the successful 3rd Gliomatosis Cerebri Conference held in Barcelona, Paris. The success of the event created more awareness to the public with the media help of all the media features and interviews on the efforts of the foundation on creating Gliomatosis Cerebri awareness. 

On October 30, 2019, El Mundo publication featured Monica Sarasa, the mother of Izas’ as “The courageous mother who created a network against the most lethal childhood brain tumor“.  Similar story was also featured by La Provincia Diaro de Las Palmas, A mother courage against a strange and invasive childhood cancer.

And earlier, in August 31, Heraldo.es also helped in sharing to the public interesting information about Gliomatosis Cerebri and Izas’ story. “Izas, Princess Pea to Seek the Cure of Gliomatosis Cerebri

To know more about the story of Izas you can read it here or head you might want to head over to Izas’ La Princesa Guisante for more information about the foundation and their events.



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