Ali’s Story

Ali Hallal, he is my oldest son. At the age of 24 in May of 2014, he started vomiting and have lost about 33 lb within a month. We started to visit doctors and hospitals but they couldn’t figure out his illness. Early on, I suspected it to be cancer and told doctors but they insisted to do stomach endoscopy.

He was getting weaker every day. He couldn’t walk alone had double vision and had been vomiting. Come June 28 after spending 12 hours in the hospital we picked him up and brought him home. At home, he said “I’m very tired, I couldn’t sleep well at the hospital. I want to sleep now”.

I thought my son is resting, but after 6 hours I tried to wake him up but he is unresponsive. I learned later that he went into a brain hemorrhage. At the hospital, they told me that my son has brain cancer(infiltrative glioma cerebral). The most horrible thing, the doctors say that he is not gonna live for more than six months.

Sadly, our time left got even shorter when he went into a coma and turned into a vegetable state for three months. Earlier than expected, my son passed away in front of my eyes. He died from bleeding when they have to put the tube for sucking out mucus on him. This was September 28, 2014, a day we can never forget.

My son was about to get married that year and he was also about to graduate from the university. But because of this sickness, all his plans and dreams come to end.

I discovered later after his death a journal he wrote himself. In his own words, he expressed his worries and struggles about his illness.

He wrote, “Today I feel like I’m trapped at the bottom of the ocean, every fiber and every muscle in my body is hurting. I no longer feel anything but death.”

I could see he described it too well. And as a mother, it grieved me that I have come to my limits of helping him out. I was if only there was a tiny hope for cure and survival I will grab it for him. But it was a hopeless case, the doctors with their medicine come to their limits.

Now my wish is that no more parent, nor individual would go through such an ordeal because it is unbearable. I hope for a successful cure for those who are experiencing this sickness.



The GC Registry aggregates data and tissue samples from patients around the world. Intensive study of these samples and data will help unlock the mysteries of this terrible tumor.


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