2nd International Gliomatosis Cerebri Working Group

The working group for the second Gliomatosis Cerebri International Conference was composed of known neuro-oncologists and neuroscientist tasked as representatives by their respective institution with regards to Gliomatosis Cerebri research.

Remarkable participants of the conference are members of families who have lost a loved one because of the Gliomatosis Cerebri disease. Most of them represent foundations that were established mostly in honor of a lost family member. These families are part of the organization of global GC conference as they have pledged their commitment to be advocates of GC awareness as well as in financing GC researches.

The conference was hosted by NIH (National Institute of Health) last June 22-23 of 2017 at Bethesda, Maryland, USA. Co-chairs during the said conference are (1) Andres Morales, MD Department of Pediatric Oncology, Hospital Sant Joan de Deu, Barcelona, Spain, (2) Jeffrey Greenfield, MD, PhD Pediatric Neuro-Surgery, Weill Cornell Spine and Brain Center (3) Mark W. Kieran, MD, Ph.D. Pediatric Medical Neuro-Oncology, Dana-Farber Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center

To know more about the proceedings during the conference please check The Second Gliomatosis Cerebri Conference.

Participants during the conference came all the way from North America, South America, Europe, and even Kuwait. To access the full list of the participants, click HERE.

Currently, the group is now working to convene for the third conference this early 2019. To get updates about this please check our EVENTS page. To read more about the Second Gliomatosis Cerebri Conference group host, the NIH and to know their involvement with the Gliomatosis Cerebri research, please check NIH National Cancer Institute News Articles 


The GC Registry aggregates data and tissue samples from patients around the world. Intensive study of these samples and data will help unlock the mysteries of this terrible tumor.



Join the advocacy and become part of the community that was established to support groundbreaking research in finding a cure for Gliomatosis Cerebri. Partners are either family touched by Gliomatosis Cerebri or foundations supporting the same cause. Click below to learn how to join the community.